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Statistics Online Computational Resource (SOCR)

Jan 09, 2012 Stable View all downloads

The Statistics Online Computational Resource (SOCR) provides portable online aids and computational libraries for probability and statistics education, technology based instruction and statistical computing..


Mar 14, 2012 Stable View all downloads

LFPy is a Python module for simulations of extracellular field potentials..


Apr 05, 2013 Planning View all downloads

Visn software..


Aug 08, 2012 Planning View all downloads

Generic support library for neuronal simulators..


Sep 29, 2014 Stable View all downloads

Trentool is a software for transfer entropy analysis in neural data.

Spyke Viewer

Dec 06, 2013 Stable View all downloads

Spyke Viewer is a multi-platform GUI application for navigating, analyzing and visualizing electrophysiological datasets..


Mar 19, 2015 Stable View all downloads

Virtual MEA measurements in Python (ViMEAPy) is a Python toolbox for calculating the extracellular potential arising from a known current source distribution, in the in vitro slice setting, where a thin slice of neural tissue is emersed in saline on top of a Micro Electrode Array (MEA)..


Jan 09, 2014 Intermediate View all downloads

Java-based 2D/3D visualization and scientific modelling tool..


Nov 14, 2014 Intermediate View all downloads

A language for modeling neural systems, along with a software tool for editing models and generating simulations.

The Virtual Brain (TVB)

Jun 16, 2014 Stable View all downloads

TVB is a platform for whole brain network simulations, enabling the model- based generation of neuroimaging signals such as fMRI, EEG and MEG.

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