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SynD - Synapse and neurite detection

Nov 12, 2012 Intermediate View all downloads

SynD is an automated image analysis routine to analyze dendrite and synapse characteristics in immuno-fluorescence images.

Talairach Daemon

Oct 05, 2010 View all downloads

The Talairach Daemon database contains anatomical names for brain areas using x-y-z coordinates defined by the 1988 Talairach atlas.


Sep 07, 2010 View all downloads

TAPIR (Tools for Advanced Parameterized Image Registration) is a set of command line tools allowing 2D and 3D image registration, mainly for medical imaging (although also relevant to other image registration problems).


Oct 10, 2011 Intermediate View all downloads

Time Encoding and Decoding Toolbox..

Template Image Processing Library

Jul 15, 2010 View all downloads

Template Image Processing Library (TIPL) is a lightweight C++ template library designed mainly for medical imaging processing..

The Cognitive Atlas

Sep 07, 2010 View all downloads

The Cognitive Atlas ( is a collaborative knowledge building project that aims to develop a knowledge base (or ontology) that characterizes the state of current thought in cognitive neuroscience..

The fMRI Data Center

Sep 07, 2010 View all downloads

A free database of fMRI data used in peer reviewed studies..

The Neuro Bureau

Sep 23, 2010 View all downloads

The Neuro Bureau is neuro-collaboration in action..

The Neurophysiological Biomarker Toolbox (NBT)

Jun 27, 2012 Planning View all downloads

The Neurophysiological Biomarker Toolbox (NBT) is an open source Matlab toolbox for the computation and integration of neurophysiological biomarkers..

The tracking software "K-Track"

Nov 18, 2013 Intermediate View all downloads

The tracking software "K-Track" to track bees on an arena.

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