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NineML is a simulator independent language with the aim of providing an unambiguous description of neuronal network models for efficient model sharing and reusability.
This language has emerged from a joint effort of experts in the fields of computational neuroscience, simulator development and simulator-independent language initiatives (NeuroML, PyNN), grouped in the INCF Multiscale Modeling Task Force.
This effort was initiated and is coordinated and supported by the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF), as part of the standardization effort of the Multiscale Modeling Program.

In the Wiki section, you will find:
1. an introduction to NineML: why, what and how, to explain in more details the goals.
2. the specifications of the object model and the XML schema for this first version of NineML
3. the documentation to explain how to install and use the different APIs that are currently available.

In the Download section, you will find the latest version of two packages (Python and Chicken Scheme) and a link to the NeuroML/LEMS Java implementations. These implementations allow import and export of XML and code generation to simulate the models on different platform such as NEURON, NEST, ...
The current work only covers the representation of spiking neurons and synapses and will be further extended to represent network connectivity, synaptic plasticity, and all other necessary concepts to represent networks.

NineML is still a work in progress and your comments and feedback will be extremely valuable. You can report bugs or missing features here and you can contact us using the following mailing-lists:
* NineML announce: getting informed about NineML updates, events, ...
* NineML developers: planning to get involved in the further development of NineML, join this list to get in touch with the taskforce and the API developers.
* NineML users: Want to use NineML but do not know how to do it? Need more information about the use of the APIs, have questions regarding NineML, join this list and we will give as much detail as possible to satisfy your curiosity.


  • Python implementation: BSD license
  • LEMS/Java: GPL license
  • Chicken: BSD license
  • Specifications: Common Creative license BY-NC-SA


BSD License


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