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NIPY Community

May 05, 2010 View all downloads

The purpose of NIPY is to make it easier to do better brain imaging research..

NIPY Structural and Functional Analysis

May 03, 2010 View all downloads

Nipy aims to provide a complete Python environment for the analysis of structural and functional neuroimaging data..


Apr 20, 2010 View all downloads

SurfStat is a Matlab toolbox for the statistical analysis of univariate and multivariate surface data using linear mixed effects models and random field theory.


Apr 19, 2010 View all downloads

FreeSurfer is a set of automated tools for reconstruction of the brain’s cortical surface from structural MRI data, and overlay of functional MRI data onto the reconstructed surface.


Apr 19, 2010 View all downloads

Caret is free, open source software used to visualize and analyze the structural and functional characteristics of cerebral and cerebellar cortex in humans, nonhuman primates, and rodents..


Apr 08, 2010 Stable View all downloads

Open Source Matlab Toolbox for Electrophysiological Research..


Mar 29, 2010 View all downloads

BioMesh3D is a free, easy to use program for generating quality meshes for use in biological simulations..


Mar 29, 2010 View all downloads

SCIRun is a Problem Solving Environment (PSE), for modeling, simulation and visualization of scientific problems..


Mar 28, 2010 View all downloads

ImageVis3D is a new volume rendering program developed by the NIH/NCRR Center for Integrative Biomedical Computing (CIBC)..


Mar 18, 2010 View all downloads

ConnectomeViewer is free, open source, cross-platform Python-based software application for visualization and analysis in connectome research..

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